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Objective of Yogyasheel

When a student graduates and joins a workplace, they go through a momentous transformation. Entrepreneurship as a whole requires a strong character, business literacy of subjects like finance, marketing and people management, management skills, as well as soft skills like vision, patience and perseverance. Many students do not understand these basics and this makes them susceptible to failure at very early stages of their journey.

The objective of Yogyasheel is to bridge this gap through sensitization programs and flagship initiatives. It is a platform that brings together industries, education institutions / universities, government & recruiting agencies to converge as key enablers for enhancing entrepreneurship opportunities. This program is for students graduating from ITI, PMKVY / PMKK, Polytechnic colleges or diploma and degree colleges and even those who have an MBA but think they need additional knowledge or support.

Yogyasheel works to make your entrepreneurship dream a reality

Yogyahseel conducts sensitization programs to educate college students on the aspects of entrepreneurship and encourages them to work on ideas. From ideation to market study, team building to building a minimum viable product, and in aspects like finance, legal and IP, Yogyasheel covers all the areas of entrepreneurship which a student may require, with case studies of successful companies and entrepreneurs.

The best student solutions/projects will be considered for further e-Incubation and for grants under Yogyasheel. Additionally, Yogyasheel will work to promote Women entrepreneurs by rolling out dedicated e-incubation cohorts for female entrepreneurs.

Our dream is to make every graduate of the country employable or entrepreneurial. Yogyasheel goes a long way to making this dream a reality.

Flagship Initiatives

Entrepreneurship program

Yogyahseel will conduct a sensitization program to educate college students on the aspects of entrepreneurship and will encourage them to work on ideas through its flagship Ideathon. The following aspects will be covered under the Student
Entrepreneurship program:

  • Ideation
  • Market Study
  • Team Building
  • Building a minimum viable product
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • IP with case studies of successful companies and entrepreneurs.