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Collaboration With Industry And Global Pathways

As more and more young people graduate out of colleges and universities in India, the employability of new graduates remains a huge question. This is exacerbated by the fact that public sector collaboration with industry and global pathways for aspiring youngsters are still lacking in the country.

For providing our young people the education and skills training at par with global standards in order to build their competency and skills, and improve their employability, something else is required. A student must go through a series of employability activities, including internships, on-the-job training, workshop, study tours, etc. in an international environment that will help in building your employability skills and resume, leading to global employment opportunities.

We Provide A Platform For Students and Young Professionals

We provide an exposure to the culture, working environment and latest technology of developed countries like Germany, France, Japan and others, to move forward and improve the employability of graduates in our country. Thus, we fill the key missing factor for meeting the gap between industry and academia and provide our country’s young women and men with better chances than ever before for a flourishing career anywhere in the world.

L & S aims to create a platform for industries, education institutions/ universities and governments to converge as key enablers for global employment opportunities for aspirants and promote entrepreneurship as well. This venture is promoted by Kavi Luthra, who has 34 years’ experience in the education sector.