Benefits to Stakeholders

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Benefts To Stakeholders

Whether you are a higher-educational institution, a student or an organization looking to hire, we have something for you.

Benefits for higher educational institutions

  • Build key industry relations to promote institutional capacity
  • Build strategic tie-ups to facilitate R&D, industry exposure and tighten the industry-academia gap
  • An avid pipeline of industries and corporates for student placements
  • Improve institutional credibility and branding

Benefits for students

  • An opportunity to develop and align their skills based on industry demands
  • Practical exposure and experience
  • An opportunity to get hired by the engaging industry or corporate partner, after the completion of the program
  • Develop industry networks and social circles for future roles

Benefits for organization looking to hire

  • Get industry ready resource for your organization
  • No need to worry about employability of your new hire
  • No need for extra training programs in hard or soft skills
  • Your new hire will come with industry exposure and experience