First and only school of its kind to be accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation

The Pasty, Wine and Terroir Program:

The program is equipped with lessons and workshops to enable each participating student with skills to master French Pastry and Gastronomy trends. The two-week course will include lessons on French classical and famous pastries like the lemon and meringue tart, flan, croissants, macaroons and whatnot. The students will also be taught on how to master Regional specialities such as Nougat, Tropézienne, Cannelés, Kougelhopf, Gâteau basque and Paris Brest. The program is curated in such a way that it not only teaches students about the fundamentals of French Pastry, Wine and Terroir but also includes a tour of the Burgundy region to experience the local delicacies. It will surely make the students the most sought after graduates in the global hospitality and culinary industry.

Aspiring candidates should email us an application consisting of a CV with a short cover letter (one page) stating the purpose for doing the program in the mail.


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